Mobility options

Fostering student mobility is an important objective of the higher education institutions cooperating in the INTQUANT partnership. Therefore the last semester of all involved master programmes will be reformed to reach a harmonised structure. This harmonisation allows the consortium to enhance the quality and attractiveness of  student mobility between the partner universities and to embed comprehensive specialisation options.

Two mobility options are envisaged for enrolled master’s degree students in their 4th semester:
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Student mobility options offered in the INTQUANT consortium

Student mobliity options offered in the INTQUANT consortium

Short term mobility option (2 weeks): Students will participate in the course “Advance Topics” abroad at one partner university. They can choose from different specialisation options.

Extended mobility option (1 semester): Students spend the whole 4th semester of their programme abroad at one partner university. The successful completion of the extended mobility track leads to a double/joint degree.