INTQUANT Final Conference Presentations

Key Note: Teaching with Cases in Non-Case Environments: Foundation, Flow and FeedbackProf. Espen Andersen, BI Norwegian Business School (Norway)Espen Andersen (Slides)
Teaching with Real Cases in a Problem Based Learning SettingProf. (FH) Michael Mair, FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW (Austria)Michael Mair (Slides)
Teaching with Case Studies: The INTQUANT ApproachAssoc. Prof. Silviu Ursu, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (Romania)Silviu Ursu (Slides)
Workshop: Teaching with Case Studies in a Virtual Class RoomChristian Steinreiber, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna (Austria)Christian Steinreiber
The INTQUANT Project: Scope, Objectives and OutcomesJohannes Wetzinger, Prof. (FH) Silvia Helmreich, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna (Austria)Silvia Helmreich, Johannes Wetzinger (Slides)
IP "Advanced Topics in Asset Management"Prof. (FH) Christian Cech, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna (Austria)Christian Cech (Slides)
Student Presentation "Advanced Topics in Asset Management"Maneesh Kumar, Claudiu ClementStudent Team IP Vienna (Slides)
IP "Advanced Topics in Quantitative Methods in Finance"Prof. Rossella Agliardi, University of Bologna (Italy)Rossella Agliardi (Slides)
Student Presentation "Advanced Topics in Quantitative Methods in Finance"Daniela Balutel, Oliver Arturo De Martino
Student Team IP Bologna (Slides)
IP "Advanced Topics in Insurance Management"Prof. Ewa Dziwok, University of Economics in Katowice (Poland)Ewa Dziwok (Slides)
Student Presentation "Advanced Topics in Insurance Management"Daniele Della Rosa, Alex-Stefan Lungu Student Team IP Katowice (Slides)
Student Presentation "Advanced Topics in Bank Risk Management"Remo Alberto Zamaro Student Team IP Iasi (Slides)