Student experiences

We asked students that participated in one of the INTQUANT mobilty options to share their experience. Find out what they think about their stay abroad and what they learned along the way.

Intensive Programme “Advanced Topics in Quantitative Methods in Finance” – University of Bologna (Italy); July 2015

“Gaining a hands-on experience in solving challenging issues of the current financial world with a team of international fellow students definitely broadened my personal skills, perspectives and also enlarged my network with similar minded young professionals. I can only recommend taking part in the Intensive Programme.”
David V.


“Great people, very well organised in nice city with awesome Italian food. Although most of the “academic” part was already covered during previous lectures at FH, the case study was excellent. Real-world based, demanding and comprehensive. It showed how you can apply all the theoretical knowledge and come with your own solutions.”
Matej N.


“I very much enjoyed the experience of applying theoretical knowledge in a real life case study, staying in one of the biggest student-cities of Italy, the teamwork and social activities with finance students of many different nationalities. It was an overall interesting and fun experience.”
Stephan P.


Intensive Programme “Advanced Topics in Bank Risk Management” – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași (Romania); July 2016

“I can definitely say the intensive program has had a positive impact on me. It has helped on academic as well as on a social level. Working in international teams gives us a very different perspective and peer learning is an essential part of the program. The coordinators and lectures were very professional and helped us at every step of the program. The project assigned was very practical and I feel more confident in the concerned subject. We are going to reap the benefits of this program in every international assignment we do.”
Shashank P.


“Both practice and theory are essential when a student wants to get a deep understanding of the topic at hand, and INTQUANT hit the spot. The professors managed to offer a well-structured programme with a lot to learn, from the personal skills gained thanks to the international flavour to technical skills developed through a real-world project. On top of that, you will be enchanted by Romanian culture. Definitely a must.”
Nicolò R.


“I had a great time in Iasi, the professor and all the people are nice, I have learnt a lot , especially in R programming, I have so appreciated to take part in it. Thanks for everything.”
Linlin L.


“Iasi was a great opportunity for several reasons. First,  the programme was well structured and the real- world based case study gave me the chance to apply my gained knowledge and enhanced my skills to develop solutions. Second, working in an international team broaden one’s horizon and is always worthwhile. Third, the people behind the programme made great efforts to ensure that the two weeks are memorable. Thus, besides the academic part we also had the chance to explore the country of Romania and discover the Romanian culture. For all that reasons I can only recommend taking part in the Programme.”
Verena B.


“The entire program was well organized with rich activities and intensive studying, we improved a lot skills in both programming and problem solving in team. Meanwhile, we participated the nice trip to know the country better with other partners, we learned and ate together all the time like a family. Anyway, the IP in IASI was a great experience  for me.”


Successfull participants of the Intensive Programme 2017

Successful participants of the Intensive Programme 2017