Double Degree Options

Are you interested in obtaining a master’s degree from not one but two innovative universities? Would you like to gain international experience during your master studies by spending a semester abroad?

If you have answered the two questions above with “YES” you will be happy to learn that within the INTQUANT network enrolled students have got the opportunity to participate in a so-called Double Degree programme.

A Double Degree programme is a study programme that is carried out by two partner universities. By studying at least one semester abroad and following a defined study path students have got the opportunity to complete the master programme at two universities in their regular study period. At the completion of their studies they achieve the degree from both of the study programmes.

Information about the available places, selection criteria, application procedure and contact person(s) can be found in the INQUANT_Student_Handbook_V6.

Please always get in touch with the contact person(s) from your home university  first, before you contact your potential host university!

Thesis supervision

If you are a selected Double Degree student for the summer semester of your second year of studies you are going to write your thesis at your host university. In this case you should find a thesis supervisor and select a particular topic for your master thesis by the end of your first year of studies.

Here you can download a list of potential thesis supervisors (download: Thesis_supervision_DD). On this list you can also find information about their research interests and the topic areas which they are ready to supervise.

When you have narrowed down a specific research topic you can contact the Academic Coordinator of your host university to establish the contact with the supervisor. Note that you should be able demonstrate a deep knowledge of the theories, tools and methodologies that apply to the chosen area of your master thesis. Please do not directly contact the supervisor yourself in the first step.

Once the contact with your thesis supervisor has been established and she agreed to support your work you should agree on a time schedule, discuss possible research and results and consult about tools and measures used. You should maintain ongoing contact with the thesis supervisor during the development of the master thesis to confirm the ongoing progress of the work.

In spite of equivalent conditions for thesis supervision each partner university has its own internal rules and guidelines that students need to follow. After your admission as a Double Degree student you will receive detailed information about all these processes from your host university.